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Danbury Police Department Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I got a ticket, now what?

A: You have 10 business days to make contact with the court once you receive a citation. To contact the court call (979)922-1551 ext. 2 the court clerk can advise you of your options from there.

Q: How do I get a copy of a CRASH report?

A: Crash reports can be obtained by clicking on this hyperlink: Texas Department of Transportation website

Q: I called the Department phone and only got an answering machine. How do I speak with a person?  

A: Great Question! Unfortunately the Danbury Police Department does not have its own telecommunications department and utilizes the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office. Should you need a Police Officer, you will need to contact the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office to have an Officer Dispatched.

Q: Is there a way to obtain a statment form so that I can have it ready for the Officer once they arrive?

A: Absolutly, You can find it on the left side of your screen by clicking on "Danbury Police Department Statment form" Please read the instructions and disclaimer before downloading the document. 

Q: I’m going out of town is there a way to have the Police Department check on my house while I’m gone?  

A: Absolutely, just fill out the vacation watch form located on the department’s website under “Online Vacation Watch form”. Once you’ve filled the form out it will be emailed directly to us and we can put it into the system!

Q: What is a Reserve Officer?

A: A Reserve Officer is a Police Officer that does not work for the department full time. Reserve Officers are still required by the State of Texas to attend an accredited police academy and maintain continuing education same as a full time Officer. Reserve Officers have the same authority and arrest powers as a full time Officers do.

Q: What's the difference in Police Officer's, Sheriff Deputies and Constables?

A: Well, City Police Officers Patrol the city limits and enforce everything from traffic laws to city ordinances violations. Sheriff Deputies patrol the entire county including the municipalities within the county. Constable’s share many of the same jobs and responsibilities as city Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies, however they specialize in civil issues. All of these are certified the same way through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and have all the same authority and arrest powers.

Q: Can a Constable issue me a citation?

A: Absolutely, Though Constable’s main roll is for civil issues and court proceedings. Most Constable’s Office’s do have a patrol division that assist local agency’s including the Sheriff’s Office in calls for service as well as traffic enforcement

Q: What's the deal with the Police trailer parked next to City Hall?

A: The trailer parked next to city hall was donated by State Farm Insurance. The trailer is part of a program called “ Drunk Busters” and shows youths the dangers of drinking and driving as well as the dangers of being under the influence of other substance other than alcohol.