Drainage Plan Update

In past years the City of Danbury has addressed drainage issues on an individual basis via the Ditch and Culvert cleaning request forms turned in to the city by individual residents. Because of growing concerns about drainage issues by Danbury residents, Brazoria County officials, and the State of Texas, the City has chosen to implement a city-wide infrastructure project to address flooding concerns in our town. It is the Council and Mayor’s hope that this project will bring all ditches and culverts to proper grade, size, and condition to allow maximum flow and help alleviate flooding issues in our streets, homes, and businesses.

The City is collaborating with Drainage District 8’s engineering department to create the needed engineering studies to bring our ditches and culverts to the correct grade. Danbury is also working with Brazoria County Precinct 2, who will be doing most of the physical labor through interlocal agreements with the City and DD8. The City is budgeting funds each year for the replacement of culverts, purchase of engineering studies, and other costs that may arise. Council is also exploring grants and other funding options as they become available.

Each year, one quadrant of Danbury will have their drainage evaluated by DD8’s engineers and repaired by Brazoria county Precinct 2.

  • Quadrant A, has been completed and under final evaluation for adjustments. The city spent $10,000 on work in this quadrant in FY2018-19.
  • In October 2019, work began in Quadrant B, where the City budgeted and paid $16,750 for FY2019-20 to DD8 for engineering studies for this project.
  • Quadrant C is planned for physical work during FY2020-21 and the city budgeted $12,000 for this section of the project. Engineering studies have already begun for this section of the city.
  • Quadrant D will be the final quarter of town to be worked on in FY2021-22. After this section is completed the city hopes to be able to put our ditches and culverts on a maintenance schedule to better manage our local drainage issues.

Although the current projected completion date per the above schedule for this project is 2022, we are hopeful that new options for grants from the state for drainage issues will make funding possible that could help to move this project to completion more quickly.

We appreciate your concern on this important issue. Please feel free to turn in a drainage request form and let us know of any specific problem areas that we should pay particular notice to during this process, but be aware that we will not be able to work on your specific ditch or culvert until work begins on your quadrant of the city.

Drainage Quadrents